Guangzhou TS Heater Technology  Co., Ltd

Guangzhou TS Heater Technology  Co., Ltd


Advanced technology

With advance technology machine we able to supply High tolerance heater size and ohms.

Quality products

All items are produce by Hi Temperature insulation material. Depend on products warranty have: 3-6months /6-12months.

Fast delivery

Fast response customer inquiry, normaly within 12 hours . Fast production for sample order 3-7days , big order 15days.

Customer service

TS ‘s technician & TS’ Manager for free to contact . We will give you professional suggestions, reply within 24 hours service.


About Usmore

TS focused on electric & industry heaters’ technology research, development,co-production and sales. Mainly engaged in Industrial Heaters, Raw material of heaters & accessories.

Our products mainly apply on Semiconductor, Humidity control,Mold die and platen heating, Medical equipment, Foodservice equipment, Battery heating, Curing and drying, Electronics, Aerospace, Furnaces, electroplating, chemical, plastics, machinery & other industries.

TS’ technician, engaged electric heater industry for 15 years, familiar with the entire heater production line, fully know how to control the equipment, materials, production. So we service customer technical guidance, as well as help to settle the machine equipment , and operations. If necessary, we can provide the complete sets of machinery & equipment, and technical guidance. Any questions, please email: [email protected]

TS’ Manager engaged in import and export business for 8 years, heater market for 5 years, familiar with market demand, and products knowledge. If the customer needs special sale consulting, after-sales service, the General Manager will personally deal with them one by one, give you a satisfactory answer. Welcome email:[email protected]

Advanced technology, quality products, fast delivery, customer service are our business goals. TS company will continue to ensure for the latest technology and materials. Constantly innovation, create better products for customer.  Looking forward for your cooperation.






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