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Thick film heater for dishwasher 2080w

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  • Product Manual:Thick film heaters widely use at all kinds of household electrical appliances, electric water heaters etc . Famous with a lot of advantage, example: Instant heating ,hot water at one second; Save ener
Thick film heater advantage :
1,Save 30% power consumption Intelligent power saving, saving insulation and power consumption, heating efficiency of 98.9%.
2,Perfect conversion of electrical energy to thermal energy Low-carbon and environmental protection, no CO2 emission during use, chip heating body is not easy to scale, and you can always clean hot water without environmental pollution
3,Aerospace Science and Technology Guarantees Safety Multi-layer insulation protection, insulation performance is 250 times that of heating wire, leakage current, withstand voltage, ground resistance and other indicators have passed 3C inspection, chip heating system power on self-test 144 times per second.
4,Three times the volume of water The heating speed of the chip is five times faster than that of the heating wire, and the heating body is heated to about 300° C. for three seconds.
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