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Factory Direct Electric Square Flange Immersion Tubular Heater

Product Description

Square Flange Immersion Heater

Tubular heater is used for almost every kind of heating appliances. They are easy to form and feature highest mechanical stability and electric properties at the same time. Screw in tubular heater is standardized for use in liquids, for example, water. Finned tubular heater is especially for air heating cabinets or tunnels. Flange heater is easy to install, control and maintain. Unique designer as your requirement. For corrosive environment, titanium material tubular heating element is better.


Plastic processing machinery

Water and oil heating appliances
Packing machine
Vending machine
Dies and tools
Heating chemical solution
Ovens and Dryers
Kitchen equipment
Medical equipment
Used in many other appliance

Order Guide

   When order Square Flange Immersion Tubular Heater,please kindly inform us the information as  following:

   1. The drawing is very helpful.
   2. Power, voltage and shape
   3. Working temperature
   4. material requirement
   5. quantity
   6. Other requirement required

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