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Nano infrared band heater is professional energy-saving device , aim to assist plastic machine increasing the heat efficiency. Utilizing the high resistance heating wire to generate heat and through the infrared radiation way to conduct thermal effect for plastic processing machine. It adopts import electric wire as heating conduction, at maximum extent increase the heat transfer efficiency between heating element and barrel. Electric heat transfer efficiency rate up to 99.8%. The inner use the aerospace grade material air-gel as the insulation material. The surface temperature is under 35℃, which improve the shortcomings for traditional band heater, such as low conversion efficiency of electric heat, low heat transfer efficiency, high temperature in surface etc, thereby the Nano infrared band heater could achieve to saving energy.

Application range: injection molding machine, granulator, extruder, drawing machine, blown film machine and other plastic machinery and other system need to use electric heat.

Nano infrared band energy-saving band heater features:

1. 4 ultras: ultra-high energy-saving,ultra-low surface temperature,ultra-fast heating rate,ultra long service life

2. Electric heat transfer efficiency up to 99.8%,energy saving rate up to 30% -83%

3. Infrared radiation heating mode, high efficiency, unidirectional radiation

4. The surface temperature is under  35 degrees, greatly improve the operating environment

5. Easy to install and replace,simple and stable structure, the service life of up to 5

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