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Stainless Steel Thick Film Heater for Floor Heating Boiler

  • Product Item:TS-Boiler
  • Category:Heater
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  • floor heater
  • water system
  • thick film heater
  • heating boiler
  • Product Manual: Floor heating ,floor heater,Stainless Steel Tube Thick Film Electric Water Boiler Heating Element, 2200w Stainless Steel Tube Thick Film Electric Water Boiler Heating Element Procurement agent, 2200w

Thick Film is one of todays most innovative and forward-looking solutions for heating technology.


Precisely manufactured thick film heating elements feature a quick temperature rise, an extremely low thermal capacity and minimum temperature fluctuations. Their high efficiency is 97%.


Thick film heating elements feature very high surface power density(up to 60W/cm2).

Suitable for applications where extra fast heating of flowing liquid is required. Ideal heat transfer is guaranteed by flowing of liquid through all inner surface of the heating element.

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