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Cartridge heater-straight type

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  • Product Manual:Cartridge heaters is consist of a cylindrical stainless steel tube and thus provide a high corrosion prevention. The heating wire inside which is wound onto a ceramic core. The number of coils varies

Cartridge heaters is consist of a cylindrical stainless steel tube and thus provide a high corrosion prevention. The heating wire inside which is wound onto a ceramic core. The number of coils varies depending on the power. and provide a great uniform distribution of heat, which considerably increases the long life of the heater as well as prevents the oxidation of the heater wire even at high temperatures .The solids, liquids, and gases need to be heated by cartridge heater, transmit heat quickly by conduction if the producer of the heat (the cartridge) is in direct contact with the heat sink (any solid, liquid, or gas). Widely used for manufacturing plastic and rubber parts in the car industry or in the food processing industry, etc they are also commonly found in the chemical, electronics, medical equipment, packing and nuclear industries.Apart from our broad standard range we also develop and manufacture cartridge heaters according to your special demands.

Cartridge heaters are made of crimped-on or swaged-in construction that consists in a high-grade nickel chromium resistance wire wound around a high-quality MgO core that is centered in a stainless steel casing.

Cartridge heaters are used for several heating metal parts and can be fitted with threaded bushings for liquid heating for certain applications. cartridge heaters will reach metal temperatures of up to 760°C with the appropriate material, watt density, and fit selections .

Performance capabilities

  1. Part temperatures up to 1400°F ( 760° C ) on alloy 800 sheath

  2. Watt densities up to 40W/cm2

  3. Maximum voltage up to 480VAC, Minimum voltage up to 5VAC

  4. Minimum diameter up to 3mm

  5. Maximum diameter up to 35mm


  • Easy and economical to install

  • Designed with first-class materials

  • Maximized heat transfer

  • Easy to maintain

  • uniform temperatures

  • Oxidation and corrosion resistant

  • Durable

  • CE certificated issued by  TüV Rheinland

Technical Detail:

1 Tube diameter: Φ3mm-Φ30mm
 2 Tube Material:SS304;SS316,SS321,NICOLOY800 etc
 3 Insulation Material:High-purity Mgo
 4 Reisistance wire element:Ni-Cr or FeCr
 5 Lead Connection Option: Crimped or Swaged leads
 6 Lead and type of connection leads, 10" Fiberglass Standard(Wire options,silicone high temperature frberglass).

Sheath material SS304.321.316L,Incoloy800.840,Titanium
Insulation material High-purity MgO
Resistance Ni-Cr or FeCr
Maximum voltage 480VAC
Wattage density high/middle/low(5-40w/cm2)
Wattage tolerances toloerance :+5% -10%
Dimensional Diameter: Min. dia:3mm
Length:  Customized 
Lead options Crimped- on / Swaged- in
Lead types Swage fiberglass insulation nickel wire ( 750°C )
Crimp teflon line ( 250°C ) Crimp 
silicon insulated wire ( 200°C )
Crimp fiberglass insulation nickel wire ( 450°C )
Internal Type J or K available thermocouple
Lead protection options Stainless steel braid
Stainless steel flexible hose
other options Bent heaters, in no-heat section, up to 90° angle
mounting flange

Commom cartridge can be devideded :
 1) High power density (heat area sufuce power 10~25w/cm2)
 Working temperature≤450 degrees.
2) Middle,low power density (heat area sufuce power 5~11/cm2)
working temperature≤ 300 degrees
Votage:12~250V (or as requirment)
 High Density Construction 
High-quality stainless steel construction provides long-lasting protection even in the most rugged industrial environments
Protected with a stainless steel sheath, their watt density can reach 50 W/cm2 and their operating temperature can go up to 800°C.


Please consider the following factors in order to select the right cartridge heater.
Operating temperature

Watt density of the heating element
Sheath material (corrosive or non corrosive)

    • Temperature of the corrodent

    • Degree of aeration of exposed corrodent

    • Velocity of the corrodent

Internal construction

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